Vue Cinema Leicester Square - West End

  • 26 July 2017
  • Atmospheric Zone
Vue Cinema Leicester Square - West End


Delta Green Environmental Design appointed and specified Atmospheric Zone to provide multiple bespoke architectural grade fittings to be manufactured and supplied for key locations such as the Facade, Main Foyer & Drinks Bar along with many other areas. Whilst working closely with key lighting and interior designers, Atmospheric Zone was able to select and create all the products in house and supply them to site as part of an effective and efficient installation by Dicks Electrical Installations. With the project now complete the final result was a modern and welcoming environment that has professional main, effect and accent lighting provided by our luminaires.


Atmospheric Zone worked in close association with Dick Electrical Installations to ensure a complete end to end service was provided. Thanks to forward thinking and high quality technical installation, critical site processes were completed and achieved within strict time frames. It was this positive partnership and coalition of efforts between the two parties that allowed the venue to open for its premier night on the 18th July.

Lighting - Food area - Vue Cinema West End

Lighting - Vue Cinema West End

Lighting - Vue Cinema Leicester Square

About the Vue Cinema West End:

Located in the heart of Leicester Square within London’s West End this cinema has a long-decorated picture house history dating back to 1893 and has attracted and entertained thousands of people from all walks of life. Since 2003 Vue Cinema have successfully owned and operated this venue turning it into the premier attraction that it is today and now with its new 2017 design and the addition of the latest Dolby ATMOS enabled sound with Sony 4K Projectors, customers can experience the ultimate in today’s film entertainment.

Atmospheric Zone Limited:

Atmospheric Zone Limited ( is a leader in advanced lighting technology, including solid-state LED and Fibre Optic lighting systems and controls used in commercial, architectural, signage, swimming pool, entertainment and retail lighting. Atmospheric Zone is the exclusive U.K. distributer for many high quality products including Pro Strip®, Lumificient, LEDIX, Next Step and Nexxus Lighting Brands including but not limited to: NTO, Coreshine, Pro Strip®, Super Vision® and Lumificient™.