Fenwick – New Bond Street

  • 01 May 2015
  • Atmospheric Zone
Fenwick – New Bond Street

Worthing Office – May, 2015. After successful supply and installation of lighting system supplied to the Hosiery section of the latest Fenwick Bond Street store refit, Atmospheric Zone working with both NDY Light and Fenwick were commissioned to illuminate with innovative adjustable bespoke luminaires a complete range of diverse jewellery cabinet units.

Over 100 individual luminaires had to be designed and manufactured to product a uniform level with high CRI and lumen levels.

Working in collaboration with NDY and Fenwick as part of the team, the end product offers some stylish and unique luminaires that allow for adjustment of both beam angles and output. The cabinets and Jewellery product look stunning as a result of the new system and we understand product sales are increasing to new levels as a result of the refit.

Lighting for Fenwick jewellery cabinets

Lighting for Fenwick hosiery section