RGB LumiFlex

Luminaire offering exciting opportunities to creative innovative designs with homogenous lighting effects.

Fully encapsulated LED with the ability to flex in X & Y directions subject to product selected.

Watts (per metre) 12W
Voltage 24v DC
Number of LEDs (per metre) 60
Width 11.5mm / 15.5mm
Height 20mm / 27mm
Cuttable -
Maximum Linear Run 7M (power at one end) / 15M (power at both ends)
Bend Diameter 80mm
Material PVC Ivory White
Illumination Angle 120° / 270°

Size: -

Colour: RGB

Unit of Measurement: M

Product Code: ATMOS-LFRGB*-60-12-24-RGB

RGB LumiFlex RGB LumiFlex
  • RGB LumiFlex
  • RGB LumiFlex

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