Light Sources

  • Illuminators

    Often referred to as the light engine, light pump, light source and even transformer, the illuminator houses the lamp that provides the light for the fibre optics. The fibre is connected to the illuminator via a Fibrehead. On some models a colour filter or colour wheel with many different colour filters is positioned in between the fibrehead and the lamp. The colour wheel is connected to a motor that will turn and change the color at a pre-determined rate. For special effects a DMX system can be integrated with the illuminators to provide fast paced effects as well as dowsing. Dowsing is the stopping of light transmission through an opaque filter.

    If you have more than one illuminator and you want the colours to change at the same time on all of the units then you need a synchronous controller - the 300C is an internal system that can synchronize up to ten illuminators and the 600C can sync up to 35 illuminators.

    With a booster ( an extra SV600C ) an application can handle data cable lengths of 2000 feet, or another 35 illuminators whichever happens first.

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  • Control Systems

    Fibre optic lighting advantages include the ability to locate lighting fixtures in locations where traditional electric fixtures cannot be installed or in areas that are difficult or impossible to service. Because the illuminators can be mounted in a remote area and the fibre carries little or no heat, designers are free to create with fewer restrictions.

    Fibre optic lighting is composed of 2-3 components. An illuminator, fibre optic cable and/or fixtures when needed.

    The popularity of fibre optics among designers include the colour changing ability of fibre through the use of colour filters and special effects that can be produced through the use of colour wheels, synchronous controllers and DMX systems.

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    Control Systems
  • Fibre Tight Connectors

    Fibre tight connectors for illuminators available from Atmospheric Zone.

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    Fibre Tight Connectors
  • Fibre Heads

    Fibre heads for illuminators available from Atmospheric Zone.

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    Fibre Heads
  • Colour Wheels

    Colour and dimming wheels add a dynamic dimension to the creative possibilities of fibre optic lighting. A variety of colors are available in a standard four and eight colour wheel, or any multitude of combinations can be achieved with any of 16 different colours. Colour wheels are made of dichroic glass. Vinyl color and sparkle wheels are used for endpoint applications to add colour and sparkle to starfield ceilings, pavings and endpoint signage. Dimming wheels are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and are available in a variety of patterns to achieve any number of dimming effects.

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    Colour Wheels