Fibre Optic Cables

  • SideGlow® Cable

    Patented SideGlow® cable is a side (light) emitting cable composed of several individual strands of PMMA acrylic fibres (also referred to as ‘plastic fibre optic’ ) covered by a clear PVC coating. SideGlow® is available in a wide range of diameters and in several models. The fibre strands inside the cable are twisted around a reflective center core.

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    SideGlow® Cable
  • EndGlow® Cable

    EndGlow® cable is an end (light) emitting cable that uses the same PMMA acrylic strands as Sideglow® except it is covered in an opaque black or white PVC jacket.

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    EndGlow® Cable
  • Endpoint Raw Fibre - Unsheathed

    EndPoint fibre is the ‘raw’ fibre sold in individual strands by the spool. Light emits primarily from the end, however light can be observed emitting from the side as well. Atmospheric Zone offers many fixtures or light outlets that attach to the end of the cable providing both a mounting system for the cable fixture and a decorative of functional lighting system.

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    Endpoint Raw Fibre - Unsheathed
  • Endpoint Fibre - Sheathed

    Single sheathed fibre available from Atmospheric Zone.

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    Endpoint Fibre - Sheathed
  • Cable Mounting

    Fibre optic cable mounting U-channel is a clear or white rigid plastic used to mount fibre optic cable.

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    Cable Mounting