• Architectural lighting

    Architectural lighting systems from Atmospheric Zone combine quality and flexibility in both LED lighting and fibre optic lighting systems. The SaVi line of architectural LED systems represents the foundation of fixtures and controls for interior and exterior applications like flood lighting, cove lighting, step lighting and interior accent lighting. The wide range of fibre optic illuminators, cables and fixtures provide the fundamental building blocks for incredible star ceilings, linear lighting and interior accent lighting.

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    Architectural lighting
  • Architainment lighting

    When architectural lighting and entertainment lighting come together, you have architainment lighting. It is an industry which requires a substantial amount of control and durability. These key elements are found throughout the wide range of products available from Atmospheric Zone and no where else more than flexible and durable SideGlow ® fibre optic cables and the FiberPro illuminator – the workhorse of fibre optic illuminators. The LitePro illuminators are another strong contender for theatre and entertainment venues with a 100 watt dimmable lamp and DMX capabilities and works well with all EndGlow® and SideGlow® products.

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    Architainment lighting
  • Signs

    FlexLED – ‘The Original’ is a preferred product by many sign shops and national accounts. The white FlexLED is unsurpassed in quality and color rendition. With the introduction of FlexMOD for larger channel letters, Atmospheric Zone is your one source for LED channel letter illumination.

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  • Pool, spa and waterfall

    Man has been aware of the power of color for millennia. Mix color and water it effect increases exponentially. Fibre optics have been the standard for years when it come to underwater lighting for pools, spas, water features, perimeter of pool edges, the landscape, decks and more…

    For homeowners with an existing pool that want to add colour, there’s the LED Galaxy light for pools and spa. The Galaxy replacement screws into the existing pool or spa fixture and presto! With the flick of a switch 7 different color modes can be controlled.

    Look for more exciting LED lighting systems from Atmospheric Zone like the new SaVi pool and spa lights for new pool and spa construction. It will illuminate your pool or spa with using the brightest LED technology in the world!

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    Pool, spa and waterfall
  • Landscape

    Want to expand the boundaries of your garden at night? Add some fibre optic path lights to help direct you way. You can feature trees, shrubs or water-rock features around your pool and spa; safely with fibre optic accent and fibre optic flood lights.

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